An Acorn Straight Stairlift Example

Worried about Stairlift Costs?

igniyte Saving Money

A stairlift can enhance your life and help you regain the independence you once had. However, many people avoid making the investment because they believe the necessary equipment will be out of their price range. At UK Stairlifts, we offer a variety of reconditioned stairlifts which can work out significantly cheaper than buying brand new equipment.

Reconditioned access lifts that are available. For both, curved and straight staircases, are fully reconditioned. To a like new standard and come with a warranty just like a new stairlift! With reconditioned products you receive a brand new rail and the same comfortable padded seats and back rests, just like new mobility lifts.

Another option available for those who may struggle financially is the rental stairlift option. We understand that several thousand pounds is not within everyone’s budget and at UK Stairlifts, we offer the rental option for a more affordable way to meet the expense of mobility aids. Rates start from between £10-£37 per week depending upon the equipment you require.

Additionally, as well as affordability, the rental option is a great solution. Especially for people who do not require mobility lifts for a long period of time. Rental schemes can help with rehabilitation for people who may have temporarily become less able. Or, for those who rent properties where permanent change is not an option.

Do not worry that the equipment you will receive, will be substandard either. Our rental equipment is guaranteed to be exactly the same as the reconditioned models which we sell. Furthermore, the rental payments include service and maintenance costs. So you will always have peace of mind that your equipment will be in full working order. Contact us today to book an assessment.

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