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Through Floor Stairlifts For Your Home


A through-floor lift in the home provides freedom for wheelchair users and senior members alike. Safety, comfort and ergonomics are the key factors that our through-floor lifts are built around. All of these lifts are made with pioneering lift technology and comply with British Standard BS 5900 as well as every lift being fitted with the Pollock Fire Response System to ensure the users safety.

Please ensure that these lifts cost more because they travel up floors. They are the easiest way for a disabled person to get upstairs. However, if the staircase doesn’t lead upstairs, then you may just want to consider a disabled stairlift instead.

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Typical features of Through Floor Lifts;

Through Floor stairLift for your home- UK Stairlifts

• Self-leveling mechanism
• Strong lightweight aluminium frame
• Hydraulic or Traction drive system
• Easy access ramp for wheelchair users
• Call stations

Prices from £10,000

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Why choose a Through Floor Lift?

Why choose a Through-Floor Lift?Through floor lifts are the perfect option to have in your home if you are disabled and need to climb a lot of stairs. They are also a wise option for anyone who would just rather travel vertically upwards and aren’t worried about paying extra. This is because they offer more security than the traditional stairlift. You don’t have to be wheelchair-bound to prefer a through-floor lift.

They are very similar to a wheelchair lift or a vertical platform lift. However they allow the user to travel upwards from floor to floor. Domestic lifts or elevators allow the user to have the freedom to reach upper levels of their home without assistance. As a result, the users find them useful and appreciates them a lot.

Should the individual choose a through-floor lift, they can be used to travel up through approximately two floors. So, they are usually suitable for every house. Also, they are equipped with a remote control device to be able to control the where the lift is. Through floor lifts are the perfect way for a wheelchair user or less able person to reach a bedroom or bathroom without needing additional assistance. Although as a result, they cost more money to install.

Types of Through Floor Lift

As we know, there are many different types of stairlifts and within them, there are many stairlift models. For example, there are more than one type of through floor lift. There are three main ones; the wheelchair model, the seated model and the side-hung model.

  • The wheelchair model – The wheelchair model, as the name suggests, is designed to carry wheelchair users in their chair, up to the next level of a building. Our wheelchair models are designed to carry a maximum weight of 36 stone and come with a number of features. These features include; a Self-levelling mechanism for uneven floors, a Strong lightweight aluminium frame. A Hydraulic drive system, an Easy access ramp, Interior light with time-out delay. Large user-friendly controls, In-car lowering and a Call station.
  • The seated model – The Seated model is more suitable for those who do not require a wheelchair, but do prefer to sit on their travels through the house. A seated model comes with the following features; a Self-levelling mechanism for uneven floors, a Strong lightweight aluminum frame. Hydraulic drive system, Interior light with time-out delay, Large user-friendly controls. Call stations and Vision panels (with an interior mirror and grab handles).
  • The side-hung model – The Side Hung model has been designed for those with a smaller space in their home. The features that come on the side hung model include; a Self-levelling mechanism for uneven floors, Strong lightweight aluminium frame, a Hydraulic drive system, an Interior light with time-out delay, Large user-friendly controls, In-car lowering, a Call station and Vision panels (including interior mirror and grab handles).

Personalised Through Floor Lifts

Through-Floor StairliftNot all Through-Floor Stairlifts are the same. This is because you can add a variety of different features to fit your individual needs. For example, if your stairlift’s colour would clash with the decor, you could change it to match. There are more changes that you can make as well;

  • It is worth noting that a seat can still be installed as a safety feature on a through-floor lift. Thus, the user can get the option of whether they feel this is necessary or not.
  • Gates can be installed to lock a wheelchair in place during the journey. This is obviously not needed if the user is not wheelchair bound. So these individuals can choose to not have the gates installed.
  • In order for the lift to match the user’s home, many companies allow the user to pick the colour scheme of the lift. As a result, your home will still look great.
  • You can also add additional safety features. For example you could install features such as alarm buttons and an external power supply.
  • The size can also be changed. However of course the engineer will recommend the size for you. This is because they will take measurements and then understand how much the lift will cost.

Through Floor Stairlift Manufacturers

Examples of stair lift companies include Pollock Lifts, Wessex Medical Lifts and Terry Lifts. Pollock Lifts are pioneered to return the lift to the first floor automatically if there is a fire. Whereas, Wessex Medical Lifts offer a free standing design which does not require a load bearing wall. Your door opening and internal controls may be either left or right and can be changed from side to side. Thus, this enables you to relocate the lift. Additionally, Terry Lifts have employed an ingenious car design. As a result, the lift is only fractionally larger on the outside than it is on the inside. You will find that this fits your home really well because it makes the most of the room provided. As a result this can sway users to buy a through-floor lift through Terry Lifts.

Finally, if you wish to get in contact with us just call 0800 080 7887 alternatively, you can email us at: or use our Free Stairlift Assessment Form on the right hand side.