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Tips to saving money when buying a stairlift

igniyte Saving Money

While a stairlift may seem the ideal option, not everyone has the funds to afford one outright. At UK Stairlifts, we understand that money can be tight. So, here are some helpful tips on how you can save up some money to put towards buying a stairlift:

Visit charity shops, charity shops are great places to find bargains. On a variety of items, from clothes, to books, often at extremely low prices. You will never know what you’re going to find, and you know that the money you use to pay for the items is going to a good cause.

Visit car boot sales as with charity shops, you can often find good bargains. Especially if you’re willing to haggle a little. Again, it’s a good way to cut costs on clothing and some household items.

Visit a local market for fresh fruit and veg, you may find visiting a local outdoor or indoor market may work out cheaper than buying from larger supermarkets. Also, the produce is often more locally sourced, so you could be supporting local farmers.

Shop around for glasses Often with old age the vision tends to deteriorate gradually. Buying a new pair of glasses can often be very expensive, and can be entirely unnecessary. For example, you can often find cheaper pairs of reading glasses at pharmacies, and if you don’t have a high prescription then it may be a more suitable choice to save you some money.

Check sales and buy in bulk Take advantage of sales, whether to buy gifts cheaper, or for general grocery shopping. If you see a good sale for an item that you use regularly. Then buy it in bulk it will save you money in the long run after the sale has ended. Also, don’t shy away from buying own brand products rather than branded products, you can often find a similar quality product for a much cheaper price.

If you are still struggling for money, then perhaps you should consider buying a reconditioned stairlift. Whilst this has previously been used, there is no need to worry. As it has been serviced to ensure everything is in working order and completely safe. You can also receive warranty on the stairlift, so if anything does go wrong it can easily be fixed with no excess charges. Contact UK Stairlifts to hear more about what stairlifts we can offer.

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