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Stright Stairlifts


A straight stairlift is the perfect solution for you if you have a staircase that goes directly up with no bends, corners, right angles or 180° turns (dont worry if your staircase features any of these, please go to our curved stairlifts section). Do not worry if your stair case is narrow or steep because no matter how tricky your stair case is there is a stairlift out there for you.

On this page we will breakdown what a straight stairlift is and some examples of popular stairlifts out there. All of the products tend to share a lot of the features however some are unique to the particular model. For example most have a seat but not all have a swivel seat.

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Typical features of a Straight Stairlift:

Straight Stairlift in UseComfortable padded seating & back rest to ensure a comfortable journey.
• Fold up seat, foot rest & arms to save space on the stairs when not in use.
• Battery powered so that the stairlift can always be used, even in the event of a power cut.
• Safety sensors are equipped to gently stop the ride if an obstruction is detected on the stairs.
• Remote Controls, so that the user can control the stairlift from anywhere.
• Diagnostic Digital Display to ensure that the machine is maintained to it’s optimum health.
• Safety Belt, so that the user is secure and safe whilst using the lift.
• Directional paddle switches give maximum control because they can be used to swivel the seat and specify the direction of travel.
• Optional Hinge giving the user more control of the features of their stairlift.

Prices from £1,400

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Examples of Popular Straight Stairlifts

The Bison 50 Chair Stairlift

A Straight Stairlift in use.The Bison 50 chair stairlift is a slimline chair lift for straight staircases and it has many benefits. This Bison stairlift model has been updated from the original compact version. However, it has not changed what made the original so great. By buying this model, you are joining thousands of other satisfied customers. Here are the features that make it a favourite;

  • Allows your relative to get up and down stairs easily and safely, which is what every good stairlift should do.
  • Quickly and easily installed, making it very convenient.
  • No complicated controls to learn, so it makes the journey less stressful.
  • Guarantees a comfortable, smooth ride.
  • Many years of reliable use from many customers, makes it trustworthy.
  • Slimline design fits even narrow staircases, so family members can still climb the stairs easily. When this stairlift is folded up it measures less than 300mm/12inches (roughly the length of a magazine).
  • Fits everyone perfectly due to a choice of seat heights, meaning your height is taken into account.
  • Very safe travel with a choice of seat belts for someone’s preference.
  • Re-chargeable battery pack so even during a power-cut you can use the lift.
  • Matches your home very well with a variety of colour options.
  • The foot rest is made level with the top stair, meaning it is very hard to trip when getting off. It can also be folded away with an Auto Parking Facility, so the user needn’t bend down to fold it away.
  • Has a Self-Diagnostic Display which means you can maintain your stair lifts longevity and make sure it is 100% working before your journey.

It’s safe to say that the Bison 50 Chair Stairlift is a very competent straight stairlift. It is clear to see why it is a favourite.

Meditek 160 Deluxe Stairlift

Meditek StairliftMeditek present the Meditek 160 for straight stairs. It is perfect if you want a high-quality, value for money stair lift for your relative. It comes with all the safety and comfort features you would expect from a more expensive option. Thus, if you have the money, it’s an excellent choice. Here are some of it’s features.

  • Easy to operate – Has joystick controls that can be attached to either the left, or the right arm. Also installed, are the remote control operations that allow you to call the stairlift back to you. Thus, you can sit back and relax when using the convnient controls the Meditek 140 offers.
  • Safe and Secure Seat – Equipped with a swivel seat, the Meditek 140 locks you in position whilst travelling and allows you to easily swivel when finished. Therefore you can feel secure when using it, but also get out easily when you have stopped.
  • Convenience –  The Meditek can easily be folded away when not in use. This means that it will not hinder anyone else’s journey up the stairs in your home.
  • Safety Sensors – In-built safety sensors detect any objects that could potentially be blocking the path. If they detect one, the stairlift returns to it’s original position at the start. The object is a hazard and must be removed before continuing. This way, your safety is ensured, after all, it is paramount.
  • Fail-safe Braking System – For whatever reason the Meditek should begin descending rapidly, the fail-safe braking system stops it immediately. This prevents any dangerous crashes, and keeps the user safe.
  • Great Availability – Through it’s charging system, the lift always stays charging, no matter what position it is in. Thus, you will never have the problem that the stairlift is out of charge.
  • Easy to fix – Engineers can use the diagnostic display to immediately determine why the starlift is not working. So therefore, it can be addressed and fixed as fast as possible.

With this model, it is clear to see why Meditek are a very popular choice of stairlift manufacturer. It is very good quality and you can be assured it will live up to expectations as Meditek adhere to  ISO9001 Standards.

Brooks Lincoln Straight Stairlift

A Lincoln Straight Stairlift - UK Straight StairliftThe Brooks Lincoln Straight Stairlift is a safe investment as it’s built to last, with low maintenance and high reliability. These benefits are particularly important if you’re buying for a relative, as you need to be safe in the knowledge that the stairlift is reliable when you’re not there. Brooks Lincoln Straight Stairlift has a number of benefits to you if you’re buying for a relative;

  • They ensure a safe and easy journey along the stairs.
  • Very low maintenance, offering peace of mind.
  • They’re tidy and quick to install – delivered in days and fitted in just 1 hour!
  • Battery power means they’re really quiet and the ride is very smooth in comparison to a stairlift connected to the mains.
  • Runs on battery power, thus there is no need for cabling disrupting your home decor.
  • Can use in the event of a power cut, thanks to the self-charging feature.
  • Includes a stop and start system, ensuring no dangerous sudden jolts.
  • Easy to use joystick control – as easy as pushing the joystick in the direction of travel, as a result it is simple, but effective.
  • The user can’t get trapped downstairs or upstairs since the Wireless remote control allows the lift to be called from the top or the bottom of the staircase.
  • Ultra slimline design leaves plenty of room for others to climb the stairs because the arms, seat and footrest, all fold away.
  • Feature a lap harness so that the user can’t fall out by accident.
  • 5 sensors ensure that if there is an obstruction anywhere on the stairs, the lift will come to a halt before an accident occurs.
  • Swivel seat locks in either a 45 or 90 degree position, so this means the user can enter and exit the stairlift easily and safely.
  • Comes with a 12 month guarantee that protects you from all mechanical failures through defects in manufacture or installation.

As you can see, the Brooks Lincoln Straight Stairlift comes with plenty of comfort and safety features. It is also covered for at least 12 months if you do find any errors with it. Thus, if you decided to purchase this model, it is likely you won’t be disappointed.

The Acorn Superglide Perch Stairlift

Acorn Stairlifts present you with the Acorn Superglide 120. It is a type of straight stairlift that acorn manufacture and it can be relied on for it’s reliability, but also it’s flexibility. This is because Acorn have thought about the number of different reasons people require a stairlift so that they can build one that anyone can use (provided they have a straight staircase of course). They offered the perch stairlift for this. Here is the list of features that the perch glide offers, so you can decide whether you would like to buy this stairlift.An Acorn Straight Stairlift Example

  • Offers a ‘Perch’ option for those who may feel they need extra support.
  • Famous for it’s wanderlead control (can control the lift even when not on it).
  • Can support up to 294 pounds making it a strong reliable lift.
  • It is battery powered with a self-charging system, meaning it can be used in a power outage.
  • Fold-away footrest makes it very convenient and tidy fot anyone else using the staircase.
  • Comfortable pad to lean against for a pleasant travel (exclusive perch feature).
  • A handle bar is equipped for safety reasons, the user can hold this should they need to.
  • Comes equipped with a 15.2 foot rack, meaning it can accommodate for nearly all staircases.

The Acorn Superglide Perch Stairlift is clearly an excellent option for those who feel they would benefit from being able to lean against a soft pad whilst travelling.

Evaluation and some things to note

Straight StairliftLuckily, if your relative has a straight staircase, then they don’t need to spend as much on a stairlift. This is because a straight stairlift costs much less than a curved stairlift due to their simplicity. For example, an engineer doesn’t have to take as many assessments because it is just a matter of how long the staircase is, not how complex.  This also means that installation times are quicker.

Also, the fact that a straight staircase is simple, it is likely going to fit someone else’s staircase, meaning it can be sold on once you are finished with it. So, we would highly recommend a straight stairlift if it would fit your staircase.

Interestingly, this means that those who are going to buy a straight stairlift, are also more likely to find a reconditioned option. However typically all options come with a 12 month warranty as standard. This warranty can be extended for an additional cost.

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