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Stright Stairlifts

Straight Stairlifts:

A straight stairlift is the perfect solution for you if you have a staircase that goes directly up with no bends, corners, right angles or 180° turns (dont worry if your staircase features any of these, please go to our curved stairlift section). Do not worry if your stair case is narrow or steep because no matter how tricky your stair case is there is a stairlift out there for you.


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Straight Stairlift - UK Stairlifts

Typical features of a straight stairlift:
• Comfortable padded seating & back rest
• Fold up seat, foot rest & arms
• Battery powered
• Safety sensors
• Remote Controls
• Diagnostic Digital Display
• Safety Belt
• Directional paddle switches
• Optional Hinge
Prices from £1,400

Examples of Popular Straight Stair Lifts

The Bison 50 chair stairlift

The Bison 50 chair stairlift is a slimline chair lift for straight staircases and has many benefits to your relative:

• Allows your relative to get up and down stairs easily and safelySomeone using a Straight Stairlift
• Quickly and easily installed
• No complicated controls to learn
• Comfortable, smooth ride
• Many years of reliable use
• Slimline design fits even narrow staircases
• Fits everyone perfectly due to a choice of seat heights
• Very safe travel with a choice of seat belts

This Bison stairlift model has been updated but has retained the characteristics of the original Compact that made it one of the most desired stairlifts in the world. By buying this model you are joining thousands of other satisfied customers – and they can’t be wrong. It’s a firm favourite due to its really smooth, comfortable ride enhanced by its built-in soft start and stop. You don’t even need to worry if you live in an area that suffers frequent power failures. This is because the stairlift comes with a re-chargeable battery pack so you’ll never get stranded.

If your relative has a narrow, straight staircase then this chair lift is perfect. It measures less than 300mm/12inches, roughly the lenth of a magazine, when its folded up so there’s still plenty of room for the rest of the family to get up and down the stairs without obstruction. Some people are understandably worried that a stairlift will ruin the look of their home but the designers of the Bison 50 have considered this and have ensured that it will blend in easily. There are even a couple of options for the rail colour. In summary, it fits your home very well.

Comfort and safety features of the Bison 50 chair stairlift

To give you extra peace of mind the Bison 50 has been designed with a few extras to keep your relative safe during use. A choice of seat heights and seat-belts is available to ensure a comfortable, safe fit for any user. To make getting on and off the lift as easy as possible, the footrest is very close to the floor, in fact when the lift comes to a stop the footrest is level with the top stair. As a result, the user is very unlikely to trip when getting out of the lift.

If your relative would struggle to bend down to fold the footrest away when the stairlift isn’t in use, then they can opt for the Powered Footrest Raise which will do it for them. In fact, if you choose the Auto Parking Facility then the stairlift will automatically fold away at the press of a button. Thus making it very quick and easy.

To help you keep your Bison Stairlift in peak condition this lift model is fitted with a Self-Diagnostic Display which helps you keep track of the track of the status of the lift and when it requires servicing. It’s important to service your lift regularly to avoid problems and keep it working safely. This is so you can ensure a safe journey every time.

Meditek 140 Deluxe Stair Lift

Meditek present the Meditek 140 for straight stairs. It is perfect if you want a high-quality, value for money stair lift for your relative. And it comes with all the safety and comfort features you would expect from a costlier option. Thus, it is a very good choice for a straight stairlift.

Comfort features

The Meditek 140 is easy to use and has a joystick control, which can be on either the left or right arm. It also has remote control operation in case you need to call the lift to you. This model gives a smooth ride with no jolting or lurching at the start or end of the journey. Allowing you to sit back and relax.

To make it easy for you to get in and out of the lift it has a swivel seat, it locks in position when you’re traveling and then swivels to allow you to get off it safely. When you’re not using the lift its footrest, seat and arm rests all fold away for maximum access to the stairs by other members of the family.

Safety Features

If there is an obstruction on the stairs that you haven’t noticed, don’t worry the Meditek 140 has safety sensors fitted which will detect this and stop the lift – it will reverse so that the obstruction can be removed and you can continue safely. It’s also got a fail-safe braking system so that under no circumstances will the stairlift descend too quickly. The user can simply enjoy the journey in confidence that it will be safe.

This stairlift uses a unique charging system that remains on charge no matter what position the stairlift is parked in. This ensures that the lift is always charged and ready to use. In the unlikely event of a fault occurring with your lift there is a diagnostic display panel which will allow us to determine what has gone wrong and what parts we will need to fix it – this helps us get your lift working again as quickly as possible.

Brooks Lincoln Straight Stairlift

Brooks Lincoln Straight Stairlift have a number of benefits to you if you’re buying for a relative:

• They allow your relative to go up and down stairs easily and safely

• Peace of mind as they’re very low maintenance

• They’re tidy and quick to install – delivered in days and fitted in just 1 hour!

• They’re really quiet and the ride is very smooth

The Brooks Lincoln Straight Stairlift is a safe investment as it’s built to last, with low maintenance and high reliability. These benefits are particularly important if you’re buying for a relative as you need to be safe in the knowledge that the stairlift is reliable when you’re not there.

This stair lift runs on battery power so there is no need for unsightly cabling or disruption to the home mains supply and decor during installation. You can be assured that lift installation is carried out quickly and tidily with the minimum of fuss and disruption to your relative’s home. Don’t worry your relative doesn’t need to remember to recharge the batteries, they automatically recharge at the end of every trip. You can enjoy a couple of added advantages thanks to battery power; in the event of a power cut the stairlift will continue to work and it means the lift is quieter and smoother than a mains powered electric stairlift. Also, the Sstairlift will never run out of charge because you can’t forget to charge it. Thus making it reliable and self-efficient.

Comfort and safety features of the Brooks Lincoln straight stairlift:

• Soft start and stop system, thus ensuring no sudden jolts

• Ultra smooth ride quality

• Easy to use joystick control: using the lift is as easy as pushing the joystick in the direction of travel, as a result it is simple but effective

• Wireless remote control: the lift can be ‘called’ or ‘sent’ up or down the stairs whenever it’s needed

• Folding arms, seat and footrest: the arms, seat and footrest all neatly fold away. With its ultra slimline design there’s plenty of room for other people to use the stairs as normal, thus it is very convenient and tidy

• Safety harness: all Brooks stairlifts are fitted with the essential safety feature of a lap harness, so you can’t fall out by accident

• Safety cut-out sensors on carriage and footrest: if an obstruction blocks the progress of the Stairlift it will come to an immediate halt (there are 5 sensors: 3 on the footrest and 2 on the carriage)

• Swivel seat: locks in either 45 degree or 90 degree position to help your relative get in and out of the stairlift, easily and safely.

Furthermore, the Brooks Lincoln Stairlift is guaranteed for a whole 12 months from the installation date. The guarantee covers you for all mechanical failures through defects in manufacture or installation.

The Acorn Superglide Perch Stair Lift

Acorn Stairlifts provide the Acorn Superglide 120 is a type of straight stairlift that acorn manufacture, within this range there is also a perch variety available.

Stair lifts are a brilliant mobility device that enables people. Who have difficulty getting up and down the stairs to be independent once more. However some people have joint pains or find it difficult to bend down; the ‘perch’ stair lift offers a comfortable way for your relative to travel up and down their stairs. Here is the list of features that the perch glide offers, so you can decide whether you would like to buy this stairlift.

Features of the Acorn Superglide Perch Stair Lift

• Remote control/wanderlead control
• Support up to 294 pounds
• Battery powered
• 15.2 foot rack
• Foot rest folds
• Added handle bar
• Pad to lean against

One of the best features of this particular stairlift is that it’s battery powered. The battery constantly recharges so it never runs out and leaves your relative stranded. Even if there is a power outage, there is no need to worry. As the stairlift will continue working like ever before.

You can fold your footrest so that your stairs still have plenty of space for people to get up. So if for example the stair lift is not being used or your relative likes to keep an uncluttered home. These issues are easily solved, simply fold the foot rest.

We know that if your relative requires a mobility device. Then your loved one finds it difficult to move up and down their stairs. Added handle bars give your loved ones extra support. Thus making it a much safer ride for them.

Acorn has added a soft pad to lean against whilst traveling up the stairs. Thus it makes the journey much more comfortable. It also allows your relative to relax instead of using all their energy trying to hold themselves up.

One last note, do not worry about the length of your loved ones stair case, because the foot rack is at a length that accommodates most staircases! As a result the superglide can fit all straight staircases.

Evaluation of Straight Stairlifts and some things to note

Luckily, if your relative has a straight stair case, then they don’t need to spend as much on a stairlift. This is because straight stairlifts costStraight Stairlift much less than curved stairlifts due to their simplicity. For example, an engineer doesn’t have to take as many assessments because it is just a matter of how long the staircase is, not how complex.  This also means that installation times are less. Also, the fact that a straight staircase is simple, it is likely going to fit someone else’s staircase, meaning it can be sold on once you are finished with it. So, we would highly recommend a straight stairlift if it would fit your staircase.

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