A Straight Stairlift in use.

Straight Stairlifts from UK Stairlifts

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When we reach that age where our body’s mobility declines and simple tasks such as getting up to bed are becoming too difficult, it is only common nature to look for things that can aid us. At UK Stairlifts, we sell products to assist people and help them keep their independence in their own home.

Our straight stairlifts enable you to get from the ground floor to the first floor (or vice versa) of your home. They are easy to use and come with a vast array of features to ensure both the users safety and ability to have pain free travel up and down the stairs. Therefore, they are definitely worth the investment.

Typical Features

There are a number of features that come on a stairlift as standard. These include:

  • A comfortable padded seating & back rest. This is to provide a comfortable ride for the user while in motion.
  • Fold up seat, foot rest & arms. These are provided to save space at the top or bottom of your stairs when the chairlift is not in use.
  • Battery powered. A battery is provided to enable to lift to electronically work. The battery is rechargeable and, as a safety precaution, won’t allow the stairlift to begin its journey unless there is enough charge to fully complete its journey.
  • Safety sensors. Safety sensors are fitted to ensure the safety of the user, as well as people that may be around the device when it is in motion. The sensors will stop the machine (quickly but gently) once it detects an obstacle in the way of the machine. It will start again up the obstacle has been moved.
  • A Remote Control. This will allow the user to have full control of the machine. A remote allows the user to initiate the machine to start and stop when required.
  • Diagnostic Digital Display (DDD). A DDD will allow the user to see the current maintenance status of the machine. The display will show when the battery needs charging, if parts are failing or if a service is required.
  • Safety Belt. A seat belt is installed on the device for the user’s safety. By wearing the car-style safety belt, the user is unable to fall off the machine.
  • Directional paddle switches. Directional paddle switches allow the user to control the movement of the machine. They allow the choice of going up or down and, if a swivel chair is installed, the turning of the chair.

Our straight stairlifts start from £1,400 and come with a 12 month warranty as standard. This warranty can be extended for an additional cost.

Find out more

To find out more information on purchasing a stairlift, contact UK Stairlifts either by calling or using our online contact form. You can also arrange for a free stairs assessment, in which we will visit your property and assess which lift is most suited to your property, and then discuss your options and provide a quote. Call us on 0800 080 7997.