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Stannah Stair Lift Sofia

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The Stannah Sofia stair lift is a very well-designed and elegant stair lift available in both straight and curved. The stairlift has many safety features to ensure that your travels up and down the stairs are as safe as possible. For example if you are traveling up the stairs and the stair lift is obstructed it will automatically and gently stop. The stairlift also comes with a remote control which allows you to call the stair lift up or down the stairs. This is brilliant if more than one person is using the stairlift in the same household.

Many people who require a stairlift may find it difficult to bend down. The one fold system is designed to let users fold the arm rest, foot rest and seat away without having to bend down. You simply fold the arm rest up and the foot rest and seat will follow. There are a great selection of colours and fabrics available so the stairlift matches your home. Rather than sticking out like a sore thumb.

Typical Features:

• Adjustable seat
• Easy to use controls
• Seat belt for safety
• Child proof lock
• Remote control
• Safety sensors
• Large selection of fabrics and colours
• One fold system

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