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Stairlift Features: with your safety in mind

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If you struggle to negotiate your staircase on a day-to-day basis, you will understand the great benefits that come with owning a stairlift in your home. At UK Stairlifts, we understand that it is important that you have peace of mind with your stairlift. For this reason, we ensure that all of our stairlifts, whether new or reconditioned, meet the British Safety Standards set by the British Standards Agency.

Examples of Safety Features

Here are a few of the key stairlift features that you can find on our stairlifts, so that you don’t compromise your independence for your safety:

  • Seat Belt – All of our stairlifts feature a seatbelt, which is often in the stye of a lap belt. This will ensure that you cannot fall from the stairlift and injure yourself while it is in motion.
  • Safety Sensors – These are usually located on the footrest and carriage of the stairlift. If the sensors come into contact with any objects or obstructions that may be on the staircase, it brings the stairlift to a gentle, but immediate, stop. Once the object has been removed, the lift will continue on its journey up or down the staircase.
  • Key switch – A key switch means that the stairlift can only be operated once the key switch is activated. This prevents unauthorised use of the stairlift, and is especially useful in preventing visitors and young children from playing with the stairlift.
  • Swivel seat – This is usually in the form of a powered swivel seat. When the stairlift reaches the top of the stairs, then seat swivels so that the seat is facing forwards onto the landing, allowing you to get up with ease. It also acts as a preventative measure, in case you lose your balance and fall backwards, as the chair will catch your fall.

Other Features

There are other features on many stairlifts, that aren’t necessarily there for safety but can be a welcome addition. For example:

  • Remote controls – A remote control can often be placed at the top and bottom of the stairs. This is particularly useful if more than one person requires use of the stairlift, and the second person may then call the stairlift back to their position so they can use it to travel the stairs.
  • Battery – While a stairlift usually runs off the mains electrics, a battery is in place. This allows use of the stairlift even in case of a power cut, so you don’t become stuck on one floor. The battery charges whilst the stairlift is in a dormant, neutral position.
  • Fold up parts – While the specific parts may differ from model to model, many stairlifts now have foldable parts, which means it will take up less room on the stairs, useful if others need to use the stairs as it doesn’t become an obstruction. Some features that may be folded are: foot rest, arms rests and the seat itself.

Find out more

To find out more information on purchasing a stairlift, contact UK Stairlifts either by calling or using our online contact form. You can also arrange for a free stairs assessment, in which we will visit your property and assess which lift is most suited to your property, and then discuss your options and provide a quote. Call us on 0800 080 7997.