Curved Stairlift from our Manufacturers.

Stairlifts in Awkward Spaces

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Do you require help with walking up and down your staircase? Do you find that your lack of mobility is affecting day to day tasks like simply popping upstairs? Do you worry that a stairlift will not fit your staircase? Not everyone has a typical straight staircase and what most people do not realise is that equipment can be custom made to fit even the most unusual staircase. If your staircase has bends, corners, right angles or 180 degree turns, do not worry. Additionally, do not worry if you believe your staircase is too steep or too narrow, we will have the right stairlift for you.

Mobility lifts still work effectively on spiral staircases and staircases which have several landings, whatever shape or size your staircase is, a stairlift can be fitted and you can regain the freedom you once had. You also do not need to worry about space; curved stairlifts can be fitted on either side of the staircase and only occupy minimal room. An excellent example of a curved stairlift is the Minivator 2000. The Minivator 2000 has a twin rail system which helps level the chair when moving around corners and its smooth movement will always make you feel at ease. Additional extras for the Minivator 2000 include folding footplates and swivel seats for ease of exit.

You can trust Minivator to provide you with excellent technical knowledge and expertise as they are one of the world’s largest producers of mobility lifts. You can rely on Minivator to provide you with a quality product.

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