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Stairlifts 101: Part 2

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In the first Stairlifts 101 article, we looked at the different types of stairlift in the market, some basics about how they work and their application.
In this post, we will look at some of the features and functionality of stairlifts. Features that you can look for when you are considering your choice of lift. These will vary model to model and manufacturer to manufacturer, so check the lifts specifications carefully and ask the manufacturer for a full list.

This is a series of bite-sized articles, so we will look at a few features here and continue with more in part 3.

Joystick or button control

To move the lift up and down the stairs a joystick or button control is sited on the chair arm. Some stairlifts will come with a choice of either. You can also usually pick the side that is most comfortable for you to use.

Stairlifts will also have separate control panels to control the lift remotely from either the top or bottom of the stairs. This allows the stairlift to be called if you are located on a different level in the home.

Swivel Seat

A swivel seat feature allows the passenger to turn the seat to mount or dismount the lift. This makes getting on and off the lift much safer as the passenger is facing away from the stairs. This is a common feature in today’s stairlifts – but make sure you check!

Powered swivels are commonly available as optional extras – if you lack strength in your arms and wrist and have trouble turning the seat handle (try it in the showroom), it may be an investment worth making.

Safety Sensors

Safety sensors on the stairlift stop its movement up or down if they detect an obstruction on the stairs. This will prevent any accidents or damage to the lift. The location of the sensors differs between models, but their function is the same. These sensors can be a valuable safety addition and are well worth considering.
We are trying to keep these posts ‘bite-sized’ and so we will stop here and look at more features in the next instalment of Stairlifts 101.

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