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At UK Stairlifts, we understand that picking out the right stair lift for you can be a confusing and difficult process. With so many products and stairlift manufacturers, it can be hard to know where to begin. That’s why we only work with stairlift manufacturers that build some of the highest quality stair lifts. They are some of the leading manufacturers in the UK, having years of experience in designing and building various makes and models. Guaranteeing you, a quality working stair lift for your home.

What do the Manufacturers Offer?

They supply a range of stairlift products up and down the UK, from straight to curved to outdoor stairlifts and more. All these are also available as rental models as well, meaning if you don’t need one for a long time, then you needn’t worry. For example, Stannah offer a rental package for you.

Usually, the lifts come with a year’s free warranty, so that in the rare chance that something goes wrong, you’re covered. Of course, additional warranties can be purchased for added peace of mind.

Use our free advice

Before purchasing a stairlift, it is important to consider your needs within your home. UK Stairlifts has a wide range of useful information on this site to help you. We provide everything you need to know to help you in your decision. You can also contact us, either by phone or via our contact form, and we will help to answer any questions you may have regarding stairlifts.

We are also happy to offer no-obligation advice and guidance. So you can receive all the information you require without being pushed into making a purchase. Furthermore, you are welcome to a free stairs assessment. This involves a member of our team visiting you at your property, and discussing what stairlift will fit your home the best. They can also lead you through your options in person and, if you are happy, provide a quote for stairlift installation.

Find out more

To find out more information on purchasing a stairlift, contact UK Stairlifts either by calling or using our online contact form. You can also arrange for a free stairs assessment, in which we will visit your property and assess which lift is most suited to your property, and then discuss your options and provide a quote. Call us on 0800 080 7997.