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Buying a stairlift will understandably be a significant decision in your life. There are over 25 million households in the UK, many are over 50 years old and many contain a steep and narrow staircase. If you have problems with your mobility, then all too quickly a problem with climbing the stairs can suddenly turn into an inability to climb the stairs completely.

Certain individuals may think about moving home into a bungalow or moving all their furniture downstairs and not using the upstairs section of their home. However, having a mobility lift fitted is the cheaper and less stressful option and enables you to stay in your own home.

Once you have decided that having a stair lift installed in your home is the right decision for you; the next step is to choose which model is for you. If you can walk but find your staircase a problem, then a traditional lift will be for you. Lifts come in a variety of models and the one you will require depends upon your staircase. If you have a traditional straight staircase, then a straight stairlift will be the one for you. If you have a curved staircase or more than one landing, then you will require a curved model.

There is plenty of advice available on which lift you will need and our expert engineers and advisers will be more than happy to go through the different options available. If you need to use a wheelchair in your everyday life, there are also wheelchair lifts and through floor lifts available.

The main thing to assess when buying a wheelchair lift or a stair lift is whether you are able to transfer on and off the seat or not. If you have limited mobility, it is advisable that you buy a wheelchair lift so you can stay on your wheelchair while on the lift. If you have stiff limbs or difficulty bending your knees, please choose a lift with a platform or a perching stairlift which has a small, high seat or ledge to give support during the ride.

Features of all models:

– Folding seat
– Folding armrest and footrest
– Folding platform (if applicable) – These fold away functions ensure that you do not need to compromise on space if you have a lift fitted.
– Raising armrests – These ensure that you can transfer easily from a wheelchair into the lift.
– Swivel seats – These seats help as you can swivel round to face the landing and not the steps. In this way, if you use a wheelchair, you can slide back into the wheelchair with ease.
– Easy to use controls – Controls are very easy to use. Most stairlifts have just two controls. One to switch the power on and off and the other to make the lift move up and down.
– Safety belts – All models provide a safety belt or a harness to ensure you feel safe and secure whilst travelling up and down your staircase.

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