Installing a Dog Stairlift for Dachshunds!

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You would be forgiven for believing that stairlifts are only to be used by the elderly or disabled, well not any more. Sheila Lee from Ossett, West Yorkshire has had a dog stairlift installed in her home…for her 3 dachshunds; Pippa, Millie and Heidi.

The installation took place due to the declining health of one of the beloved pets. Six year old Pippa has back problems and has already needed a £5,000 operation on her spine. Mother-of-four, Sheila, says the stairlift will hopefully prevent Pippa from more pain. It may also help the other dogs avoid developing a similar condition.

Sheila’s husband, Harry, adopted the dogs five years ago from West Yorkshire Dog Rescue, where she works as a volunteer. Since then, the dogs have become a valued part of the family, with the trio joining the couple in bed every night. The installation has allowed the dogs to maintain a normal life without the back problems dachshunds are prone to.

Sheila trained the hairy trio to sit on the seat by rewarding them with treats for staying still. The dogs soon began to enjoy the trips and “they happily jump on at bedtime. It is so comical to watch them and has become quite a talking point among family and friends. Two of the dogs sit on the seat and one sits on the footplate. They take it in turns”.

When asked about the installation, Mrs Lee said: “We saw an advertisement for the stairlift and thought ‘Why not?’. The installation has also helped Shelia out as she explained herself, “I used to carry the dogs upstairs but it’s quite dangerous. Millie, for example, weighs about 12lb and she’s heavy for me to carry. Our prime concern was Pippa due to her operation but the other dogs now use the stairlift too and it’s lovely to watch.”

Mrs Lee believes the stairlift will be a great long term investment and “would wholly recommend for any dachshund owner to get a stairlift installed. It costs a fraction of the operation and we might need to use it ourselves in a few years.”

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