Spring Cleaning Tips

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Here at UK Stairlifts, we are eagerly anticipating the weather getting warmer. We no longer want to see snow, sleet and rain – bring on the sunshine! With spring comes a fresh start to the year and a new attitude. In order to really feel invigorated and ready for what the year has in store, UK Stairlifts feel that spring cleaning is in order!

Spring cleaning tips:
  • Clean grubby carpets. Sometimes cleaning carpets with a traditional vacuum cleaner will not remove every speck of dirt and grime. During winter your carpets will accumulate more dust and dirt than usual. This is due to the condition of paths and roads outside and weather conditions such as snow. In order to make your carpets look ship shape, why not hire a professional steam cleaner that will ensure your carpets look refreshed.
  • If your sofa looks worn and tired but is too expensive to replace, why not add a luxurious throw to revive it. Search around online, at department stores or at charity shops to find a throw that will suit your style and budget. If you really want to perk up your upholstery, replace cushion covers too to transform your room.
  • Make sure your windows sparkle by cleaning them with vinegar and water and buff them with newspaper. Remember to not forget your window frames and sills. For an overall clean window effect, wash these with soapy water. Ta daa – windows you can see your reflection in.
  • Wash any vases you have with hot soapy water to make them gleam. Also consider buying some colourful flowers to make your room smell fresh and lighten your mood.
  • Do you enjoy a cup of tea or coffee while watching television? Make sure your tea and coffee taste fresh by de scaling your kettle. Simply fill your kettle half full with a half and half mixture of water and vinegar, leave overnight and then dislodge limescale by using an old toothbrush.
  • Renew old pictures or frames. Have you had the same pictures or frames on the same table/fireplace/chest of drawers for years? Why not update pictures to give your room a refreshed look. If your grandchild is now 14, why not update the picture you have of them when they were 3. If you do not want to replace pictures, try replacing dated photo frames and watch your room become transformed.
  • Throw away/eBay/car boot anything you no longer want – you never know, you might even make some extra money in the process!