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Saving Tips for Buying a Stairlift

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If you would like to have a stairlift fitted in your home, but feel like you will not be able to afford one, then why not try these money saving tips and ideas. Having a curved stairlift or straight stairlift fitted in your home will enhance your life and ensure that you do not need to worry about travelling up or down your staircase. We understand that it is an important and significant decision to have a stairlift fitted, so read on to see how you can save extra money today.

Ten Tips to Help You Save Money

  1. Buy own brand food at the supermarket. Own brand food does not necessarily mean poor quality products. You are often paying for the packaging with branded products, with own brand products usually half the price.
  2. Sell on eBay. If you have a cupboard full of unwanted items, then why not sell them online? Depending on what products you may have, you have the potential to earn hundreds of pounds with minimal effort.
  3. Ask yourself whether you really need this purchase. It is easy to think you are getting a bargain when you spot a half price deal. Before buying this item (simply because it is half price) you should ask yourself whether you really need this item and whether you would have bought it full price.
  4. Buy presents in the sales. When the sales are on and products are relatively cheap, why not bulk buy and then relax throughout the year. It will be great to know that the birthday present you bought in the January sales is much cheaper than when you give it in April.
  5. Use a low cost clothes shop. Much like with own brand food, cheaper clothing does not necessarily mean a lower standard. Or alternatively, if cheaper clothing shops like Primark are not your style, shop at outlet stores such as TKMAXX. This way you can have expensive clothes at cheap prices!
  6. Buy generic medicine. If you have a headache, why buy an expensive medicine brand? An own brand pack of aspirin will do exactly the same job as branded.
  7. Use charity shops. Charity shops are great places to find bargains such as expensive suits or dresses which were only used on one occasion. Why buy a new designer dress when you can have the thrill of finding one for a few pounds.
  8. Shop around for glasses. Using high street opticians can come with a hefty price tag, why not shop online for glasses and see the prices drop to around £15!
  9. Bulk buy toiletries and other household items. Shop at a discount store and reap the benefits. Why keep spending nearly £2 on a tube of toothpaste at the supermarket, when you can buy tubes for over half the price at discount stores. Bulk buy and you will not have to worry about spending excessive amounts unnecessarily.
  10. Check out car boot sales. Car boot sales are a perfect way to pick up a bargain without paying full price. Most items found at car boots are great quality and are only being sold because people are moving home etc..

Follow these steps and you should be able to save enough money to install the desired stairlift!

Find out More

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