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At UK Stairlifts we know that the purchase of a stairlift is necessary for people to maintain their independence. We also know that investing in a new stairlift is an expensive venture and one that people think about for a long time before committing to. That is why, at UK Stairlifts, we offer reconditioned stairlifts at a lower cost than new ones.

We offer reconditioned stairlifts on both our straight and curved stairlifts (subject to availability). Our reconditioned stairlift prices start at £1100 for a straight stairlift. Our curved stairlifts are more expensive, starting at £2800. This is because a custom railing is required to be made to fit your staircase.

Although you will be purchasing a pre-owned stairlift, there is no reason to worry about the suitability of the product. All our available reconditioned stair lifts are renovated and serviced to meet the safety regulations set by the British Standards Agency by one of our skilled maintenance engineers. As with most products you purchase, any reconditioned stairlift comes with a 12 month warranty as standard. This can be extended for an extra cost.

When a stairlift is reconditioned by us it is fully refurnished to perform like one of our new stairlifts. To ensure this, the machine is given a clean, safety checks are carried out and new features are installed. These features include a Brand new rail, comfortable padded seating & back rest, fold up seat, arms & foot rest. In addition to these new features, the following are checked to ensure they work safely: remote control, battery, directional paddle switches, digital diagnostic display and any safety sensors.

Installation of a reconditioned stairlift is no different to that of a new one. A straight stairlift installation is straight forward; a curved is more complex as a custom railing has to be made. To ensure this is made correctly for your stairs, an engineer will come round and take measurements of your staircase.  From here, designs will be drawn up and if you’re happy you can go ahead with the purchase.

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To find out more information on purchasing a stairlift, contact UK Stairlifts either by calling or using our online contact form. You can also arrange for a free stairs assessment, in which we will visit your property and assess which lift is most suited to your property, and then discuss your options and provide a quote. Call us on 0800 080 7997.