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Reconditioned Rentals:

Secondhand stairlifts rentals

Reconditioned and rental stair lifts are a wonderful solution to get back your independence at a price that’s affordable for you. Whether your staircase has bends, corners, right angles or 180° turns; it is not an issue because no matter how complicated your stair case is there will be a reconditioned/rental stairlift out there for you. However, do bear in mind that a curved reconditioned stairlift will cost slightly more, as it is tailor-made for your individual requirements.

Call us on 0800 080 7997 and we will provide a free stair lift survey; which gives you an accurate price for your unique stairway and to make sure you receive the right stairlift for you.

Secondhand stairlifts rentals - UK Stairlifts

Some typical features of reconditioned/rental stair lifts:
• Brand new rail & Fully reconditioned (second-hand stairlift)
• Comfortable padded seating & back rest
• Fold up seat, arms & foot rest
• Remote Controls
• Compact Solution
• Battery powered
• Directional paddle switches
• Digital Diagnostic Display
• Safety sensors

Reconditioned Straight stairlifts from £1,100
Reconditioned Curved stairlifts from £2,800

How can Reconditioned stairlifts save you money?

It can be hard to manage in your own home when you struggle to even get up and down the stairs. You may have considered options such as moving to a bungalow, converting a downstairs room into a bedroom or bathroom, but both solutions can be extremely costly.

A solution?

Of course, there is always the solution to buy a stairlift, which will also help you to regain independence in your home if you are currently reliant on others to help you about. There are a variety of stairlifts available on the market, however some can be a little costlier than most people can afford.

How can Reconditioned stairlifts save you money

If you’re finding this to be the case, then it may be that you should consider looking at purchasing a reconditioned, or second-hand stairlift. Despite what it sounds like, reconditioned stairlifts have been fully serviced to check that they are still in full working order and still comply with the British Safety Standards. A majority of reconditioned stairlift dealers will also offer warranty on the lift, typically a 12-month warranty, so in the unlikely event of something going wrong it can be fixed and you can be back to using it.

Reconditioned stairlifts are available to fit a variety of stairs at a relatively cheaper price than new stairlifts. However, if you require a curved stairlift then you still may have to pay out a little more than you anticipated. You must keep in mind that most curved stairlifts are designed differently. Some may have a single 90 degree turn, yet others will have a full 180 degree turn. So it is more than likely that the rails will still need to be custom fit to your staircase. If you have any concerns, then don’t hesitate to speak to us or your local reconditioned stairlift dealer.

At UK Stairlifts, we supply a large variety of stairlifts, and are happy to offer the choice of reconditioned stairlifts.

Stair Lift Rentals

Sometimes life can take funny and unexpected turns, which can often leave you with worries or concerns. It is always reassuring to know that there is someone there to help, and at UK Stairlifts that is exactly what we aim to do.
When people think of stairlifts, they automatically assume that they are solely for the elderly, but that is not the full truth. When you get older, deteriorating health can mean that you encounter problems with your mobility, meaning actions that were once simple like bending down to pick up something you dropped or walking up and down stairs, can become a major struggle.

Low quality concerns?

There is no need to worry about rental stairlifts being lower quality than new stairlifts. The features seen on a rental stairlift are the same as those found on the same model of stairlift bought new. Thus, there’s nothing different between a rental model and the same model bought brand new apart from the fact that the lift is on a temporary rental scheme. As a result, many people prefer rental stairlifts.

Being on a Rental Scheme

Being on a rental scheme means using a machine that someone has previously used. However, don’t let this put you off; when you buy a rental stair lift the machine is given a full recondition and service to make sure it is still up to safety and quality standards. Furthermore, If you have problems with the machine breaking down, don’t panic. As the weekly payment for the rental scheme includes service and maintenance. So this means it would cover any breakdowns, putting your mind at ease.

Of course, a short-term mobility issue isn’t the only reason you should consider a rental stairlift. They can be an ideal solution if a relative or friend is staying over for a short while, and requires the help of a stairlift to travel between floors in the building. To find out more about rental stairlifts, then don’t hesitate to contact UK Stairlifts today. We can advise you on the process of renting a stairlift.

Are you better off financially if you buy a rental stairlift?

In short, it depends who you are. If you are elderly or disabled, then it is likely that you will be using the wheelchair indefinitely. So this means that if you rented, it is likely that eventually you will pay more than the initial outright price. So we recommend that if you are using it for a very long time, just buy and own one.

Are you better off financially buying a rental stairlift

However if you have had a recent injury or operation, you could find yourself with decreased mobility in your legs. Thus, this would make stairs difficult to climb. If this is for a brief time only, such as a week or two, then you may just continue to struggle. But what if you don’t expect to regain full mobility for weeks? Then, rental stairlifts may well be a solution worth considering.

Stairlifts can be expensive to buy outright. Especially, if you are only going to get a few months use out of it. However, rental stairlifts are a much more affordable solution. Many manufacturers charge a weekly or monthly fee, as well as an installation fee. The weekly fee could be as little as £10 per week for a standard straight stairlift. As a result, this is much more preferable to the £1400 price tag found on a new stairlift of the same type. Going on these figures, we would recommend if you are to use your stairlift for around 3 years then just buy the stairlift outright.

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