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Platinum Stairlifts Curve Stairlift for curved stairs

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If you’re looking for a superior curve stairlift without the premium price tag a Platinum Curved Stairlift is a really good option. The Platinum Curve is a domestic curved stairlift that negotiates both landings and corners – in fact it’s so versatile it’s capable of fitting snugly and unobtrusively to almost any staircase. In most cases, they are fitted to the stair-treads rather than the wall so there isn’t even any building mess or damage to your decor.

The Platinum Curve has a slim profile and folds away neatly so it won’t obstruct the stairway for use by other people.

For maximum comfort the seat is styled to fit the contours of your body and has plenty of padding and cushioning. The ride is smooth and gentle and, due to the twin-rail design it even travels steadily around bends and corners. To keep the passenger secure the lift comes with a car-style seat-belt as standard and the seat can swivel to make it easier to get on and off safely.

The footrest and carriage incorporate a number of pressure sensitive safety edges that stop the lift instantly should it come into contact with any obstructions. The motor has a special inbuilt safety brake that will slow the lift and prevent it from traveling too fast on decent. The lift also comes with a key-switch to prevent unauthorised use by visitors and young children.

The Platinum Curve stairlift is easy to operate, exceptionally reliable and trouble free. The easy to use joystick and remote controls ensure the lift is simple to call and run. The on-board diagnostic system informs and assists with functions and provides operational and service details. Powerful batteries ensure that even in the event of a mains power failure the stairlift can still operate as normal and the battery management system will only allow the lift to commence a journey if there is sufficient power to complete it.

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