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Platform Stairlifts and Through Floor Lifts

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Platform Stairlift

A Platform Stairlift is a great way to get up heights of about 2 meters, inside and outside. With this device there is no need for lengthy ramps or to obstruct a stairway, therefore it is not an obstacle.

With it’s sleek design and finish it compliments it’s surroundings and is appealing to the eye. It is again easy to use and maintain, and has safety features. Such as interlocking gates and a pressure sensitive underpan. Ensuring the passenger a secure journey.

Wheelchair lifts don’t just come in one shape and size, the wide range of choice that you have in wheelchair lifts make it a wonderful choice for the elderly and wheelchair user’s.

Through Floor Lifts

Through floor lifts are the perfect option to have in your home. If a traditional stair lift will not fit your requirements. A through floor lift is very similar to a wheelchair lift. Or a vertical Oplatform lift but it allows the user to travel upwards from floor to floor. Domestic lifts or elevators allow the user to have the freedom to reach upper levels of their home without assistance.

Who are these lifts for in particular?

These lifts are perfect for those who require the use of a wheelchair. The elderly who want more ‘security’ than a traditional stairlift. Through floor lifts can be used to travel up through approximately two floors and have a remote control device to be able to control the where the lift is. Through floor lifts are the perfect way for a wheelchair user or less able person to reach a bedroom. Or bathroom without needing additional assistance.

If the less able or elderly person feels as though they would benefit from a through floor lift instead of a traditional stair lift, please feel assured that a seat can be installed as an additional safety feature. They are often installed in locations that cannot justify or accommodate the installation of a stair lift or similar type of disabled lift. These lifts do not take up too much space in the home and are built with safety features in mind.

A wheelchair is able to be secured on the platform which often has gates in place to keep the wheelchair secured. The lift also boasts easy to use controls to ensure the user always feels at ease while travelling up and down floors.

For the lift to match the user’s home, many companies allow the user to pick the colour scheme of the lift. In addition to superficial appearance, additional safety features such as alarm buttons and external power supply can be added to the lift.

The door opening and internal controls may be either left or right. And can be changed from side to side, enabling the relocation of the lift. Terry Lifts have employed an ingenious car design. So that the lift is only fractionally larger on the outside than it is on the inside.

Typical Features and Examples of Stair lift companies that make the Lifts

Typical features of a through floor lift includes: self-levelling mechanism, strong lightweight aluminium frame. A hydraulic or traction drive system, easy access ramp for wheelchair users, call stations, light with time out delay. Large easy to use controls, in car lowering, vision panels, interior mirrors and grab handles. A professional will take precise measurements, work out the expected load of the lift and calculate all the necessary costs. In this way, through floor lifts are all unique to their own location.

Examples of stair lift companies include Pollock Lifts, Wessex Medical Lifts and Terry Lifts. Pollock Lifts are pioneered to return the lift to the first floor automatically if there is a fire. Wessex Medical Lifts offer a free standing design which does not require a load bearing wall.

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