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Perched-Seat Disabled Stairlifts

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There are several disabled star lifts on the market – straight, curved and outdoor spring to mind. But there’s also another type of disabled stair lift that’s aimed at a particular market.

A perched disabled stairlift is a stairlift that’s modified for people who have trouble bending their knees. A typical user might be someone with arthritis. Using a perch-frame handicap chair lift, the user has no need to bend at the knees. These type of disabled stair lifts can also be useful in cases where the staircase is not wide enough for a normal stairlift.

In summary, then, the perch disabled stairlift is ideal for users who have difficulty sitting or bending their knees and for people with back pain. It comes with easy operation by remote control and there’s a ‘wander-lead’ adjustable system for easy use and perfect comfort.

Installation of this type of disabled stairlift is very quick and it’s very quiet, with no noticeable jolts or jerks in action. This handicap chairlift also comes with mechanical and electronic brakes for extra safety.

UK Stairlifts are experts on perched-seat disabled chair lifts.

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