Outdoor Stairlifts

Outdoor Stair Lifts:

An outdoor stairlift is the perfect solution for you if you have a set of stairs outside of your home that is causing you difficulty.
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Typical features of an outdoor stair lift:

  • Comfortable padded seating & back rest, thus you are fully relaxed on your journey.
  • Safety belt, so it’s basically impossible to fall out.
  • Waterproof components, to prevent the stairlift from being ruined.
  • Waterproof cover, which stops rusting.
  • Safety sensors, to detect anything that may be obstructing you.
  • Diagnostic Digital Display, which is clearly understood.
  • Remote controls, giving you full control.
  • Directional paddle switches, allowing you to easily change direction whenever you want.
  • Lockable on/off switch, preventing misuse and preventing theft at night.
  • Lockable swivel seat, securing you in place.

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What is an Outdoor Stairlift?

At UK Stairlifts we understand how difficult it can be to travel up and down the stairs and how much of an obstacle it creates for some members of the elderly and handicapped people. We also know that stairs are not just a problem indoors. They are just as much of a hindrance, if not worse, outdoors. An outdoor stairlift has many of the same features as curved stairlifts and straight stair lifts but with added safety and weatherproofing.

Many of the stairlifts offer a locking feature to keep the stair lift safe at night or if you are away and to prevent misuse. Another feature of outdoor stair lifts is that even though they are built to withstand harsh weather they are still built with your comfort in mind. They have a soft padded seating and backrest, which is also waterproof, so that you can travel in comfort.

Most outdoor stairlifts come with a plastic cover which gives your outdoor mobility device extra protection.

The Purpose of Outdoor Stairlifts

In Great Britain, the most commonly-reported impairments are those that affect mobility, lifting or carrying. Mobility issues are especially important to monitor, as they commonly affect balance and control, meaning the chance of a slip or fall are much greater.

The majority of us spend a great deal of time in our homes. Thus, for people with mobility issues, stairlifts are necessary to ensure their safety. However, ensuring safety in the home isn’t our only aim at UK Stairlifts, instead we aim to ensure a person’s safety in as many places as possible.

Although our customer’s safety is the priority we also want to ensure people with mobility issues don’t feel restricted or as if they’re unable to carry out day to day errands, because they don’t feel safe leaving the home.Outdoor Wheelchair stairlift

Outdoor stairlifts are designed with the same purpose as indoor ones, with a similar design yet tinkered for them to withstand harsh weather conditions, which will allow yourself or a family member the freedom to get out the house, rather than being in fear that they may have an accident.

The stairlifts are typically placed on to the front or back of houses to assist a person down outdoor steps, regardless of how many there are. The swivel chair feature will allow easy access on or off, allowing a person to avoid outdoor obstacles that may be in their way.

What about harsh weathers?

The outdoors, for a variety of reasons, can be dangerous for people with mobility issues. Stairs are the most common danger outside, especially in poor weather conditions where rain, ice or snow can increase the risk of a person slipping. There is also an increased risk of tripping due to the instability of outdoor paving. This is why medical experts often recommend and emphasise the importance of a stairlift.

Whether it’s raining, snowing or hailing outdoor stair lifts are built to withstand the elements and remain comfortable, safe and easy to use. Outdoor stairlifts are also manufactured so that they can be used no matter what temperatures. Even at -10°C or +40°C the stairlift can operate, so whether its winter or the hot English summer you need not worry.

An Example of an Outdoor Stairlift: Acorn Superglide Outdoor Stairlift

Acorn present their Superglide outdoor stairlifts as the answer to your relative’s prayers. They can once again taste the crisp fresh air without fear of being in an unsafe environment; instead they can relax knowing that with the Acorn outdoor stairlift they can go anywhere.

This stairlift offers many of the features available with the Indoor ‘Superglide’ stairlifts, however it has additional attributes that withstand the harsh weathers of the outdoors.

Some of the features of this outdoor stair lift include:

• Waterproof components
• Waterproof cover
• Lockable on/off switchOutdoor Stairlifts
• Lockable swivel seat
• Padded seat and backrest with safety belt
• Directional paddle switches and remote controls
• Five safety sensors
• Diagnostic digital display

These waterproof qualities of these outdoor stairlifts enable it to withstand the elements. Also the waterproof cover gives it extra protection and keeps it dry.

To make the outdoor stairlift with added comfort and safety it also offers padded seating and a seat belt, along with a lockable seat.

Like many of the stairlifts out there, this outdoor stair lift also offers the compact solution, so if the stairlift is not being used or your relative doesn’t like the appearance, the arms seat and foot rest can easily be folded away.

The Acorn Superglide outdoor stair lifts are a wonderful way to enjoy the beauties of the outside.

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