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It can be very upsetting knowing that an outdoor staircase can obstruct you from enjoying the great outdoors. There is something beneficial about spending a lot of hours outside the house, it helps you mentally and can affect your mood positively. We are here to help make that possible again. We give you all the information you need to choose the right outdoor stairlift, and give you back your freedom.

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Typical Features of an Outdoor Stairlift;

  • Outdoor StairliftComfortable padded seating & back rest
  • Safety belt
  • Waterproof components
  • Waterproof cover
  • Safety sensors
  • Diagnostic Digital Display
  • Remote controls
  • Directional paddle switches
  • Lockable on/off switch
  • Lockable swivel seat

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What is an Outdoor Stairlift?

At UK Stairlifts we understand how difficult it can be to travel up and down the stairs and how much of an obstacle it creates for some members of the elderly and handicapped people. We also know that stairs are not just a problem indoors. They are just as much of a hindrance, if not worse, outdoors. This is why an outdoor stairlift has been designed, to help you navigate outdoor staircases. An outdoor stairlift has many of the same features as curved stairlifts and straight stair lifts but with added safety and weatherproofing.

For example, many of the stairlifts offer a locking feature to keep the stair lift safe at night if you are away. The lock feature also prevents misuse. Another feature of outdoor stair lifts is that even though they are built to withstand harsh weathers. For example, most outdoor stairlifts come with a plastic cover which gives your outdoor mobility device extra protection. However despite this, they are still built with your comfort in mind. They have a soft padded seating and backrest, which is also waterproof, so that you can travel in comfort.

The Purpose of an Outdoor Stairlift

Outdoor Wheelchair stairliftIn Great Britain, the most commonly-reported impairments are those that affect mobility, lifting or carrying. Mobility issues are especially important to monitor, as they commonly affect balance and control, meaning the chance of a slip or fall are much greater. This is why outdoor stairlifts were created.

Falling outside can result in a serious injury. Especially on an elderly or handicapped individual. Outdoor stairlifts prevent this and ensure that the user can navigate them safely and securely, and of course, safety is our paramount concern.

Although our customer’s safety is the priority we also want to ensure people with mobility issues don’t feel restricted or as if they’re unable to carry out day to day errands, because they don’t feel safe leaving the home. An outdoor stairlift also enables the individual to enjoy the outdoors again, because they can now independently choose when to go outdoors. Giving them back some freedom.

Worried about Harsh Weathers?

The outdoors, for a variety of reasons, can be dangerous for people with mobility issues. Stairs are the most common danger outside, especially in poor weather conditions where rain, ice or snow can increase the risk of a person slipping. There is also an increased risk of tripping due to the instability of outdoor paving. This is why medical experts often recommend and emphasise the importance of a stairlift.

Whether it’s raining, snowing or hailing, outdoor stair lifts are built to withstand the elements and remain comfortable, safe and easy to use. They are also manufactured to be used no matter what the temperature is. Even at -10°C or +40°C the stairlift can operate, so whether its winter or the hot English summer you need not worry.

Outdoor Stairlift Example; The Acorn Superglide

Acorn present their Superglide outdoor stairlift as the answer to your relative’s prayers. They can once again taste the crisp fresh air without fear of being in an unsafe environment. This stairlift offers many of the features available with the Indoor ‘Superglide’ stairlifts, however it has additional attributes that withstand the harsh weathers of the outdoors;

  • Waterproof components help withstand the elements, keeping the stairlift working effectively.
  • Waterproof cover can completely protect the lift preventing any damage from the rain etc.
  • A padded seat and a backrest allows the user to comfortably use the lift, but also ensures safety and security.
  • Lockable swivel seat gives easy on and off access whilst locking you in place when it needs to.
  • Comes equipped with a lockable on/off switch, meaning that when it is not in use, no one else can access it.
  • Directional paddle switches and remote controls make the lift easy to use and control.
  • Five safety sensors can help detect any unusual activity on the stairs, preventing a collision.
  • A diagnostic digital display helps you to maintain the stairlift’s health, ensuring it should always work effectively.

Note that this stairlift is not ideal for wheelchairs. However it is the perfect stairlift for those who just need extra assistance with their mobility.

Finally, if you wish to get in contact with us just call 0800 080 7887 alternatively, you can email us at:enquiries@ukstarliftprices.co.uk or use our Free Stairlift Assessment Form on the right hand side.