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Minivator is a great stairlift manufacturer for anyone looking for choice. Minivator produces five types of stair lift, which can be manufactured for almost any type of staircase to meet the needs of almost anyone. Minivator’s five stairlifts are the Simplicity 950 straight stairlift, Simplicity 950PLUS straight stairlift, Minivator 1000 luxury straight stairlift, Minivator 2000 curved stairlift and the 1000 outdoor straight stairlift.

Minivator, from the English Midlands, is the world’s second largest manufacturer of stairlifts and has a reputation for reliability, quality and value. As with other stairlift manufacturers, Minivator offers stair lifts for both domestic and public settings, and indoor and outdoor solutions, too. All Minivator chair lifts meet the recommendations of the Disabilities Discrimination Act (DDA) and are manufactured to BS5776.

One of the latest developments from Minivator stairlifts is the Slide Track. With the Slide Track, a straight Minivator stairlift can be installed where there is a door at the bottom of the staircase, without needing a hinge. There’s no intrusion on the landing, it’s quicker to install and looks better.

The Minivator curved-rail stairlift system also has the tightest internal bend on the market. Minivator chair lifts can run a perch seat on a curved track, too.

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