Stairlift Key Locking Systems

Key Locking Systems and Other Safety Features for Stairlifts

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Key Locking Systems

If you have children or grandchildren, you will know that when they are young they often want to climb on furniture and leave toys everywhere. If you are considering having a stair lift installed in your home and you often have young children as visitors, then please make sure that the model you require has a wide range of safety features, such as a key locking system, to ensure you remain safe at all times. A key locking system ensures that there will be no unauthorised use of your stairlift. If a child cannot gain access to the lift, then there will be no unwanted accidents or equipment breaking.

Key locking systems are available for both outdoor and indoor models. You will have the key for the lift so you will be the only person who can use the lift. As well as a key locking system, a locking catch for the seat is another handy feature. A locking catch enables the user to swivel the chair around and lock the seat in the correct position. This makes getting on and off the device easier as you can swivel and lock the seat in the position you are exiting in. Additionally, the stairlift will not operate until the seat has been fitted in the right direction. Thus,  you will feel secure at all times.

Other Safety Features

As well as a key locking system and a locking catch, there are several other safety features which you should look out for when purchasing a stairlift. A seatbelt is an important feature as this will ensure that you keep on the device whilst in motion. If the lift was to stop with a sudden jolt (which is highly unlikely), then you will remain upright and will not fall off and injure yourself.

Another feature which is important to ensure you remain safe is the use of safety sensors. Safety sensors will automatically stop the device if an object obstructs the staircase. This will definitely come in handy if your grandchildren are constantly leaving their toys all over the house. If a teddy bear is close to the staircase tread, then the lift will sense this and stop. The teddy bear can be moved away and the lift can move freely up and down the staircase. Non-slip armrests and non-slip footrests are also a must as they ensure that you will not accidentally slip while climbing onto the lift. They also ensure you remain safe while the lift is in motion.

Some manufacturers also provide brake systems. These allow the user to stop the device if they feel the lift is going too fast. Another positive feature is a low rest foot option. This makes it easy to get on and off the device, especially if you have conditions such as arthritis.

Before Purchase

Before buying any stair lift, please make sure you look at the safety features of every model. Then make your decision. Different manufacturers offer different safety features, some may only offer a few and some may offer them all. Remember – make a decision based on your own needs and research thoroughly. UK Stairlifts are here to guide you in your choice.

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