Stairlift FAQs

Q: Will my stairlift fit on my stairs?

Choosing the Right StairliftAll stairlifts we provide are custom-made for your relative’s stairs only. An approved technical surveyor takes precise measurements. This means that, when we deliver it, it’s already set up to fit your relatives home, so no building work is required. So, there is no need for you to worry that the stairlift won’t fit.

Q: Is the stairlift easy to use?

There’s a big paddle switch, buttons or a joystick it couldn’t be easier. Thus, progress will be smooth and steady.

Q: What happens when the lift is upstairs and I’m downstairs?

If your loved one needs their stairlift when they’re watching TV and it’s at the top of the stairs, they just summon it with the remote control there are two, so they can leave one upstairs and one downstairs. So, this means that it is impossible to get stuck upstairs or down stairs.

Q: How hard is getting on and off?

The stair lifts we provide all have a swiveling seat design. This means your relative can get onto the lift on the landing while safely facing away from the stairs and without needing to turn their body. Thus they do not need to strain when they get off the stairlift.

Q: Can people still get up and down the stairs?

Of course. Today’s stair lifts are very slim, so the stairs are still accessible.

Q: How is the stairlift powered?

Two DC batteries power most stairlifts, although the stair lift is also plugged into the mains. Because of the DC power, if there’s a power cut, your relative can still use the stairlift. As a result, this makes the stairlift very reliable.

Q: Is the seat comfortable?

Stair lift seats are very comfortable as they’re padded. There’s even a padded backrest and a footrest. The materials are hard-wearing and simple to keep clean. Many leading manufacturers also make their stairlifts in a variety of colours, to match a range of décor. So, you can be sure our engineers install comfy seating.

Q: Will my stairlift make a lot of noise?

Stairlifts have an incredibly quiet motor. So, barely any noticeable noise is made.

Q: What if there’s something on the stairs?

If something gets in the way of the stairlift, one of the safety sensors will kick in to prevent it continuing its journey. As a result, your safety is assured.

Q: Does the stairlift fix to the wall?

All the stairlifts that we sell are fixed to the tread of the stairs rather than the wall.

Q: Will I need special instruction in using the stair lift?

When we install the stairlift, well give a detailed demonstration of all the features. There’s an exhaustive list of checks we make, too, before we go. This is done so we can be sure that the stairlift is safe and ready to use.

Q: What about a warranty?

All the stair lifts we sell come with a 12-month warranty as standard. For instance, even reconditioned stairlifts come with this warranty.

Q: Are stairlifts expensive?

A curved stairlift will cost more than a straight one, because it has to be custom-made for your relative’s home. Prices will vary according to the dimensions of your relative’s staircase and the stairlift model that they choose. For example, a through-floor lift will cost a lot more than a straight stair lift.

Q: What if my stairs are very narrow?

Today’s stair or chair lifts are designed with slim rails and a compact carriage. The arms, seat and footrest fold away when its not in use. It is very unlikely that your stairs will be too narrow to install a stairlift. You can see the range of stairlifts we offer on this site. If you have any queries about your relatives own stairs, just call us on 0800 080 7887.

Q: Does it take long to install the stairlift? Is there much mess?

How long it takes to fit your relatives stairlift depends on whether it’s a straight stairlift or a curved stair lift. We can install a straight lift in just an hour or two; a curved stairlift will take slightly longer, depending on the complexity of the staircase. However long it takes, there’ll be no mess we absolutely guarantee. Well even take our outdoor shoes off, so the carpet stays nice and clean. You’ll get a run-through of all the stairlift functions before we go, too. However, should you have any further questions, contact us on our website.

Q: Do reconditioned lifts cost less than new stairlifts?

Stairlift prices depend on your loved one’s stairs. For example, if they need a curved stairlift, theyll likely pay over £4,000 for their lift, as they are custom-made. Whereas a straight stairlift, the RRP is around £2,000. There are ways to try and spend less on a stairlift. For example, buying a reconditioned straight stair lift will save them probably a few hundred pounds and it should give many years’ service. You may want to consider doing this becasue it comes with a 12 month warrant as well.

Q: What if other people need to use the stairs?

Your relatives stairlift will fold flat against the wall when they’re not using it. When it’s not being used, the stairlift will also be on the landing or in the hallway in the ‘parked position. This means that the track, which is very unobtrusive, will be the only element of the stairlift on the stairs. Thus anyone else will be able to use the stairs with ease.

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