Do you need a Straight or Curved stairlift?


Straight StairliftStraight stairlift? Curved stairlift? Half-landing? Quarter landing? No two sets of stairs are the same. It sounds complicated but, with a little good advice from UK Stairlifts, buying the right stairlift for you or your loved one needn’t be a problem. The trick, whether you need a curved or straight stairlift, is achieving a nice tight fit for the rail. You can only do this if you choose the correct stairlift type.

At UK Stairlifts, we’ll advise you on whether a straight or curved stairlift will fit your individual staircase perfectly. Read the help below, however if you still need more advice, just call 0800 080 7887 alternatively, you can email us at: or use our Free Stairlift Assessment Form on the right hand side.

Straight Stairlifts

Straight stair lifts are a brilliant solution for you if your staircase goes straight up with no bends, curves or turns. It is not an issue if your stairway is narrow or steep; no matter what difficulties our engineers encounter, they always find a solution. Thus, don’t let that stop you from the idea of a stairlift.

So if you have a staircase that has no bends or curves in, then you have a straight staircase. To be more specific, if an engineer can fit a stairlift that doesn’t have to have bends in it, you will require a straight stairlift. In other words you are in luck. This is because a straight stairlift will cost much less than a curved stairlift and will also take less time to install. Reconditioned and rental options are also available.

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Curved Stairlift

If you’ve got spiral stairs, curved stairs, or curved stairs with a quarter or half landing, you’re going to need a curved rail for your stairlift. Our curved rails, from leading manufacturers such as Minivator, Freelift and Platinum, come in an attractive powder-coated finish. A curved stairlift is also advisable if your stairs feature a landing.

Most people that require a stairlift will assume that they require a straight stairlift because there may only be a bend/turn at the top. This is not the case. You require a straight stair lift if your staircase goes straight up. However, as soon as there is any slight bend/curve/turn you will require a curved stairlift.

Still not sure?

If you want a little flexibility, you can choose which side of the stairs you want your stairlift fitted. This is because we fit the rail to the stair-tread rather than the wall.

If you’re still unsure whether you need a curved or straight stairlift, why not ask for a free, no-obligation stairlift assessment? Just call 0800 080 7887 or use our Free Stairlift Assessment Form on the right hand side.

Alternatively, please browse our range of stairlift products, because you may find the most suitable model for your needs on one of those pages. Prices for new stairlifts start from just £1,575 and we guarantee to beat any genuine like-for-like quotation.