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Do I buy a straight or curved stairlift?

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Residential curved stairlifts are a necessity where your relative’s staircase has two turns or more. Where the staircase features a bend, you’ll also probably need a curved stair lift. However, if the staircase features a small turn say two or three steps at a 90-degree angle at the top of the stairs, a curved stairlift might not be needed.
Instead, your relative could have a bridging platform installed. This is a small folding wooden platform allowing your relative to transfer from the stairlift to the landing without the need for a curved stair lift. This can save a lot of money, as a curved stair lift is likely to cost at least £3,000. If your relative is not very steady or has vertigo or similar problems, a bridging platform won’t be suitable, though.

Another alternative to a curved stairlift is two straight stairlifts. Again, this will save a lot of money over a curved stair-lift. You might like to bear in mind though that, with two stairlifts involved, there’s twice the risk of something going wrong, and twice the cost of warranties and servicing. There’s also the issue of the delightfully named ‘mid-flight transfer’, a manoeuvre that’s not suitable for all users.

If you decide your relative needs a curved residential stair lift, bear in mind they’ll need to have their lift custom-built, which can take some time. If they’re impatient, try a reconditioned curved stair lift, which will be installed much more quickly and is much less expensive.

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